Syndicate Deer Stalking

We run several stalking syndicates in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. Our home base is the Savernake Forest near to Marlborough in Wiltshire.

All of our syndicates are for stalkers with Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 and some require the Level 2 qualifications.

The Bloxham Syndicate

This is a NEW syndicate for 2020/21 and is set in 1000 acres of mature forest and arable land in Wiltshire. Situated not far from Hungerford and Marlborough the syndicate offers excellent access from the A4 and M4.

The syndicate is for cull stalking and has fallow, roe and muntjac all present. Last seasons cull fugures are around 110 deer, mainly fallow.

Bloxham syndicate will operate from highseats only to start with. Currently there are 12 seats in the most productive places such as the rich arable fields and pheasant feed rides.

We will have 6 members for this syndicate and will operate an online booking system where you book your highsest for a particular session. The system also allows you to see which other seats are occupied.

Members are welcome to keep and take home any muntjac that they shoot to fill the freezer and upto two fallow deer per season. All other fallow must go to the Savernake Sporting larder which is onsite and a very good facility with winches and everything you would expect.

There is public access within some areas of the forest, access in a motor vehicle is easy and we have extraction equipment onsite that you are ablento use.


The Savernake Syndicate

The forest is split into 10 beats which will only have one rifle per session (two sessions per day) stalkers will have to pre-book a beat for their stalking session. Each beat will have a high seat on it some will have more. The forest has full public access on all tracks and in some places vehicular access, most of the forest is closed via locked barriers to which syndicate members will have a key.

The forest is populated with large numbers of muntjac and fallow deer as well as roe. There are several fallow rutting stands. The forest holds good numbers of trophy muntjac bucks. The annual cull is 200 – 220 animals.The aim of the stalking syndicate it is to maintain a well-managed herd of deer within this ancient hunting forest.


The College Syndicate

The college syndicate is based in Oxfordshire just to the West of the Berkshire boarder and has three woods totalling around 600 acres. There are roe, fallow and muntjac present.

The woods are mainly broadleaf trees with some conifers and is suited to both high seat and foot stalking.

Last season 40 deer were culled from these woods. Members can visit by pre booking and are able to keep all the deer that they shoot. DSC2 is required fpr this syndicate.



Please contact for more information on our stalking syndicates