Savernake Venison

Venison is a free range, wild meat that is low in cholesterol and low in fat. It is the healthy alternative to beef.

We supply venison boxes direct to your door giving you the chance to enjoy this healthy free range meat at an affordable price.


Our small venison boxes include. – 500g Mince, – 500g Diced, – 2 x Steaks, -1x 600g loin joint. – 1 x EXTRA PACK OF MINCE/DICED £30


Our medium venison boxes include. – 1kg Mince, – 1kg Diced, – 4 x Steaks, – 2 x 600g loin joint. – 2 x EXTRA PACK OF MINCE/DICED £60

When delivering to your area I’ll happily supply individual items.

Mince 500g – £5.00. Diced 500g – £5.00. 2 x Steak 125g each – £5.00 Loin joint 600g – £15.00. Loin joint 1200g – £30.00. Shanks from £5.00.

Please ask if you require any other cuts or game.

Partridge, pheasant, pigeon, hare, rabbit all available.

Venison is easy to cook, treat it just like your favorite beef joints.

Enjoy a truly wild and free range meat which has virtually zero carbon footprint so is more environmentally friendly than almost any other meat available.

The meat is butchered to the highest standards by an Approved Game Meat Handling Establishment and each carcass is inspected by a government Food Standards Agency vet before entering the food chain.

Mince 500g – £5.00
Diced 500g – £5.00
Shank from £3.00 – £5.00
Steak, pack of 2 £6.00

To order couldn’t be more simple just call. Juliette on 07811947987 or email me at

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Savernake Venison