Guided Stalking

All our stalking is based on a sustainable management plan and our main goal is to protect the deer herds and the environment that they live in. Shooting cull animals and females is essential to control deer numbers and to reduce the damage that deer can cause to the environment if left unchecked.

Agricultural crops are grazed and destroyed when deer numbers are too high

Cull Stalking:-

Guided Cull Stalking (Muntjac, Fallow and Roe) – £100 per outing (2-3 hours time of year dependant) this includes one cull animal, the full payment is required if you are successful or not.

Additional cull animals are £50 per stalk

Species Stalking:
We appreciate that some hunters wish to stalk for a specific species and we are able to accommodate that as well

Although we mention medal class animals it is only a guide to give you an example of what you can expect. As with all of our stalking it sticks to a strict cull plan that is for the benefit of the environment and the deer herd.

Muntjac bucks:-
Outing fee £75
A representative buck – £150 plus outing fee
Bronze medal buck – £250 plus outing fee
Silver medal buck – £350 plus outing fee
Gold medal buck – £450 plus outing fee

Roe Bucks:-
Outing fee £75
Small 4 – 6 points – £150 plus outing fee
A representative 6 pointer – £200 plus outing fee
Bronze Medal – £400 plus outing fee
Silver medal – £600 plus outing fee
Gold Medal – £1000 plus outing fee

Fallow Bucks:-
Sorrell or Saw (3 year old) – £200 plus outing fee
Representative palmated buck – £300 plus outing fee

For more information please email
Or call Calvin Beck 07554707876